Hello, I’m Tono

A musician, photographer, Mountaineer and engineer

Trying to improve everything in my life, everyday.

If I have seen further than others, it is by standing upon the shoulders of giants.


Sometimes I need to say something. General thoughts about things happening around me.


My music, the music I like to play. Some versions and some directs of concerts in bars and pubs.


Long time taking pics. How I see the world thought one camera. Beauty can be seen in all things, in all places, I’m just being there and shooting.


Sometimes a taboo subject but until you make peace with money you must fight with it. I learned lot of things last years.

Electronic Engineering

My lovely profession and my main incoming. Electronic engineering is all about creativity, designing, making, running, and servicing things that people need.


Long time since my first Sinclair ZX Spectrum. Long path and lot of knowledge accumulated. Lot of times I have better relations with code that with people